One of the things that I find essential in life and especially in business is organization. I love it and I especially love the process of organizing.

As a paperless business, this means keeping every file and image in the correct spot. I need to be able to pull up an image at any time and I need to know exactly where it will be. Luckily I've found a system that works for me. It took me a while to figure out what works. However, once I found that system and actually applied it to my existing files, it's been a cinch to up keep. I know where I will find any information or photo for a client.

The one part of my organizing that has been lacking, has been keeping my contacts and addresses all consistent between my iphone, online contacts and my business cards. So, after working yesterday, I decided to spend an hour making sure all three address books were up to date and consistent.

5 hours later, I was still working away. First, I had no idea how many contacts I had in my email account. Quite a few thousand contacts later (no kidding!), they are now categorized and sub categorized. I then went through all my business cards and made sure that they all match up with my online information. Now I just have to make sure my phone contacts all match up with my online contacts. This will be interesting. It amazes me how the phone numbers can add up!

And even though I still have to sync in my phone, I feel so much more clear and organized! Organizing the everyday stuff creates a clarity that makes work that much easier.

Now, to put this newly organized contact list to work for me! I will now be sending out special coupons and deals to my contacts. Would you like to receive new offers and coupons? Send me an email with your information -or- enter your email into the box on the left. We'll send you a confirmation and you're set!