Not as Cool as I Think I am

Last week up in Big Bear I got to photograph some beautiful cabins. It was a nice cool beautiful day after that heat wave and I was happy. I was photographing the first cabin on my list. I had shot the entire interior and was working on the exterior. My car was parked in the drive and I was trying to decide if moving my car would get me a better shot of the front. I looked up and noticed a gate where I could walk up the hill a little and take a nice shot from above. Perfect because I wasn't feeling it from where I was. So I walked around to the back of my truck and had the shock of my life! Two huge deer standing on the other side of my truck, one with huge antlers! ...then I realized they were plastic. However, it was too late, I had already let out a loud embarrassing scream.

I know they don't look so big and scary but, I swear that big guy was challenging me! And yes I realize they were facing the other direction.


Practice Practice Practice

I love that we never finish learning new things. However, I think we sometimes forget that we need to practice and relearn some of the things we have already been taught. I decided today will be a quieter day for me(although my phone already seems to be ringing like crazy), so today is a practice day. It's a day to make sure I'm headed in the correct direction with my photography.

There are so many opportunities to learn new things in photography. One of the most important lessons I've learned is, the better you photograph the subject in the first place, the less work you have later. I photograph buildings, houses, businesses, etc. I could very easily use the same technique for all situations, but I would be compromising quality, not utilizing the uniqueness of each situation, and also creating more work in Photoshop. Photoshop can enhance, correct and save photographs, but it's the initial work you put out in place that is going to determine the end result.

Today I'll work on my capturing the image, reminding myself of all that information I learned in school and put that degree to good use!


Big Bear Vacations

Last time I posted I mentioned going up to Big Bear Lake for a photo shoot. I didn't want to say to much and jinx it but, I was going up for a test shoot for Big Bear Vacations. Big Bear Vacations is one of the top property management companies in Big Bear. Turns out they were very happy with my test shoot. I now have a contract with them to photograph 200-300 of their properties(they are getting new vacation rentals every time I go up there)! Woo-hoo! I love it. I get to drive up to beautiful Big Bear once or twice a week. It will be a project that we'll work on for the next year. I'm very excited to photograph all their vacation rentals and they seem just as excited to have new photos and virtual tours for their rentals.

Anyone looking for a nice place to get out of town, Big Bear is a two hour drive from Los Angeles. Beautiful, relaxing, small town feel and not too far to worry about the amount of money you'll be spending on gas, but lots of blue lake and blue skies! From what I hear it tends to be a big snow ski area and quieter in the summer. I say Big Bear is the place to head this summer! The summer rentals are very reasonable and very cozy...as I photograph the cabins I'm picking out which I intend to rent when I have some time off! Take a look at some of the photos. I'll keep you updated on how this project is going and the best cabins up there to rent! In the mean time give Big Bear Vacations a call! (800)524-6600

This is Cabin 991 "Winding"

This is Cabin 977 "Hillside Hideaway"


Big Bear Photo Shoots

I drove up to Big Bear today to photograph a Lodge and some cabins. It was a great drive. Traffic was great, I was happy to get out of Los Angeles. All was great and then I hit fog. Then that fog turned to rain. I started to worry about the photo shoots. However, I was curious why I hadn't heard from my client about the rainy weather yet. So, I kept driving. The rain stopped and that was great, but the fog was insane! It was so foggy I could barely see the car in front of me. Tule fog. Then all of a sudden it was clear and I was above the fog bank and it was beautiful. No wonder the client hadn't called about the rain, it was perfect up there! So, I stopped and took a quick photo...


AMLI on the Boulevard

Last week I photographed an apartment complex for the third time...no it wasn't a reshoot and they weren't unhappy. It was for different different owners or publications over the last 5 years. The apartment complex is called AMLI on the Boulevard. I used to live in the area so I would drive by this complex all the time. It has such a great feel and look, you can't help look at it when you drive by. And every time I have photographed it, I have really enjoyed it. Take a look at the photography...

Bel Air Rd Property

I got a call from a Argyropoulos Design. The owner had a house he wanted photographs and a virtual tour for. He was also interested in renting the home out for a filming location, so I showed him the property website that I had made for Granada Hills Estate. He loved it and wanted something with a similar feel. I made him a very very simple website with a slideshow that I really like. He was so happy with it and says he plans of bragging about me to some other friends that might be interested in my photography. I say brag away! In the mean time take a look at the photography...it's a beautiful house!


Granada Hills Estate

I got a call from a home owner looking for photography, a virtual tour, and a property website earlier last month. He had decided to put his house up for a filming location rental and general rentals. He just let me go wild with the photography and I had a great time. I got to experiment with my slideshow software and also make him a nice little website. Take a look at the Photos and Virtual Tour...

Falling Behind again!

I've been busy again and have fallen behind on my posting again. I apologize! However, I wanted to catch you up on some of my favorite shoots lately.

At the end of April, I got a job from the company that hosts and creates the software for my virtual tours, RealTour Vision. They send me photo shoots from time to time. I got my second Roys Hawaiian Fusion photo shoot. So far I have photographed the banquet rooms for the Anaheim and Los Angeles Roys. They are very enjoyable to photograph for. They managers and waiters are so nice and helpful! Take a look at some of the still photos and when you get a chance definitely have dinner there. Wonderful!