Busy Week!

So I have had a nice, busy week with lots of little shoots. I was in Los Angeles, Sierra Madre, Oxnard, Camarillo,and Pasadena shooting real estate photography and virtual tours. All my shoots this week were great, but I think out of all the shoots this week the Sierra Madre shoot was my favorite. It was just a nice simple virtual tour shoot in beautiful Sierra Madre. If you haven't been, you really should. Manicured lawns, beautiful houses, an old town square. It really is a lovely town.

This photo shoot was for Reni Rose at Prudential California Realty. It was really great to work with Reni and her wonderful assistant Joyce. She was really great to speak with. And making my week even better they gave me a great recommendation...

"It was very nice to meet you today and thank you so much for your every efficient service. You showed up on time, were very business like as well as personable and pleasant...and you got the job done very quickly. We are very happy with what you produced for us. The results are just what we wanted. Thank you, again, it was a pleasure and we will certainly call again when we have a need for another virtual tour."

Click here to take a look at their Virtual Tour!


Los Feliz

I got a call earlier this week to photograph a condo for a Realtor that I had worked for a month back. Pamela Rich's marketing manager, Vince, gave me a call to photograph a great condo in Los Feliz. First I have to say, I think it's brilliant of her to have hired someone to do her marketing and creative. I know, we can't all hire someone to work all our marketing for us, but it is really top notch and just great looking! Take a look at their website CondosLA.com.

Now I tend to like the manicured look of Los Feliz Blvd. but this was a great apartment. Nice space, hardwood floors, and lots of light! I liked it and was told I should purchase it. I would love to, but it's up to all of you realtors out there to hire me...lots and lots of work! Anyway, this is a one bedroom, one bathroom, with a nice nook area that would make us a nice office. Take a look at some of the photos...