Business Cards

When I started MediaCarrot photography about five years ago, I did what all new business owners do...I had a ton of paper products printed up. A friend told me that I would need letterhead, envelopes, and of course business cards. So I ordered a bunch of each. Always looking for a good deal, I took the printer up on their offer for a discount on a higher quantity.

I have since realized that I run a paperless company. Rarely do I print anything out. I do hand out my business cards. However, everything else is easily sent in an email.

Every once in a while, the guilt of printing up all the letterhead and envelopes does pop up. It's at that time that I find myself printing marketing up on the letterhead then stuffing them into the envelopes. Then out I run to hand out the marketing info to local businesses. Because of this I've finally run down my supply of paper and envelopes. I do not plan on printing up more.

Let me tell you though, I have plenty of business cards left. I must have printed up a million of those suckers. I have gone through three quarters of them. However, one full box sits on the shelf. Should this really be a problem? Normally it wouldn't.

However, I have a couple of different issues going on here. The first being my last name. I was married last year and my last name is now different. Easy fix really. But I haven't ordered new cards yet. This is because I'm in the process of revamping the MediaCarrot logo. However, the biggest problem for me is that I find it hard to waste that last box of business cards.

I draw the line and crossing out the maiden name and handwriting in the new name. And I've finally gotten tired of handing out my business card and then getting the questioning look..."who is Laura Nelson?". It's officially time for new business cards!

I'm excited. New logo and new cards with the new last name. My question is...what do I do with this whole box of business cards with the old last name?


17,000 Sq Feet of home!

Yesterday I drove out to Bakersfield to photograph for new client Vartan Kebabjiam. Vartan is part of SPK Realty. Vartan asked me to come out and photograph and shoot virtual tours of his client's house.

Housing cost in Bakersfield is significantly lower than in most parts Los Angeles. So I was very curious to see what 4 million dollars would get you....the answer is a mansion! Gor-geous home right on the Kern River. Not kidding. The lawn rolls right out to the edge of the river. Three levels of lawn and garden from the house to the river. Lots of little nooks and crannies for seating. That's just the back yard!

Walking into the front yard was like walking up to the white house. Huge collumns and huge pool-size fountain. Grand is the best way to describe it really.

Walking into the house is rich woods and textiles. Museum quality prints and antiques mix in with warm cozy seating. If there ever was a way to make a home feel grand and yet welcoming and inviting...they did it.

Now, as you can imagine, it took me quite a few hours to photograph this place. It's gonna take me quite a few to edit these images! I'll post some photos as I get through them. I just wanted to tell you about this house. One of the biggest homes I've photographed yet! I wouldn't know where to start with 17,000 sq feet!