It's in the Genes

My father was a great photographer. After many years as my fathers photography subject, I picked up the camera also. Photography was one of those things that really connected us. As a photographer he was jealous when I got into Brooks Institute of Photography, but as a father he was also very very proud. He took many photography classes. We spent weekends trecking around with our cameras. When he retired his photography was his job. To say that he took thousands of photos is an understatement.

When my father passed away five years ago, we were faced with boxes and boxes of his photography. We wondered what we'd do with all of his work. I assume my father had the same problem, otherwise there wouldn't have been that many boxes for us to go through.

Being the photographer of the family, I was left in charge of this task. He was a film photographer. He'd not yet made it to digital, so not only did I have prints to go through but also negatives. It was daunting looking at box after box of photos and realizing I'd have to look at every one.

It made me think of one of my teachers in school, Ralph Clevenger. One major piece of advice he had for us was editing. He had told us during one class, that organizing and editing down our photography is a very important task. Also, a difficult one. Most of my classmates and I had binders full of negatives. He told us to go through all of those binders and get rid of all the negatives that just didn't cut it. You don't need a full roll of negatives when you only have one image that is a keeper.

One day I decided that this was something I would do. It was so hard to scrutinize all of my work and actually throw out negatives that weren't worth keeping! I remember spending many hours and the better part of a weekend reviewing every photo I had. My three roommates walked through proclaiming how brave I was. I think that for many of us photographers, there is a part of us that feels that our negatives are us. It not only shows our history as a photographer but the more negatives we have, the better we are...right? At the end of my big editing project, I felt like I knew right where I stood at a photographer. Not only did I get rid of all the mediocre work that just took up space, I knew I now had one binder full of strong images.

Now I had to do this to my father's work. I've officially finished going through all the prints. I have two small photo boxes full of my father's strongest work, fun stuff and photos of my family...one box for me and one for my sister. I think the negatives will take quite a bit longer to get through and maybe a bit harder to let go of.

I still think about my father every time I take out my camera. I know he's proud of my photography and my business. Now I have this great little box of photos to look through and enjoy any time I want.


Hollywood Billiards

I got a call from Amber Fonzen, Event Coordinator for Hollywood Billiards, to photograph their facilities. I had heard of Hollywood Billiards from my husband's stories of studio wrap parties there. Other than that, I had no idea what to expect. I was very excited to see what I was up against.

I was very pleasantly surprised to see such a cool building! There are some really great nooks and crannies around for parties or just a nice night out playing pool. This place has great ambiance and a great feel. All in all, I think I was there for 2 hours photographing still photos and virtual tours. Amber, the owner Jeff, and the staff were really great to work with and so helpful.

Take a look at the virtual tour and the still photographs below.
Take a 360 Virtual Tour

I'll definitely be back to Hollywood Billiards. I plan on adding HDR(high dynamic range) into my photography and I think their building would be a perfect test. Also, Jeff and Amber offered me a few free games of pool...we're definitely taking them up on their offer! Thanks Amber and Jeff!


Real Estate Photos and Virtual Tours for 2169 Lorain Rd in San Marino

Recently, I got to work in a section of Pasadena that I have never been to before...San Marino. Eileen Garrison called me to photograph a home for her in San Marino. The beautiful homes and manicured lawns won me over immediately. Of course the house Eileen was listing was gorgeous also!

The highest quality in design and materials has been used in the remodeling and enlargement of this character Spanish style home, completed in 2001.

Now approximately 2,500 sq feet of living space, this elegant home features high ceilings throughout: Three fireplaces: Family Room/Great Room with built-in

Entertainment center: New custom kitchen with granite counters and top-of-the-line built-ins: Elegant formal dining room: Breakfast room: Master suite with Spa tub: Custom made window treatments throughout including Plantation shutters: Limestone floors: Security system: Professionally landscaped yard with automatic sprinklers: Central air and heating. This home has lots of sunshine and natural light throughout with many French doors opening out to various patio areas and yard.

Take a look at the Real Estate Photos and Virtual Tour!