Photography for Sale!

I've finally decided to put some of my travel photography up for sale. So I've opened up an Etsy shop! I'm pretty excited. So far all of the photography on there is from traveling...most of which many people have never even seen.

So keep an eye out because I'll be adding more and more photographs on there. There are even a few on there that I might order...cause I'm vain like that and I actually like some of my own work!

Spread the word people!


Rancho Dr., Ojai

I love when Vivienne Moody from Coldwell Banker calls me for photo shoots. She always has great houses to photograph. Of course she's in Ojai and it's always beautiful in Ojai! This house was at the top of a hill with wonderful views all around. One thing I have learned working with Vivienne...always wear tennis shoes. She loves her views and wants them photographed. However, she always is there with me hiking around trying to get the right shot. She's just one of those truly nice and caring people and I always love working with her. Take a look at the new property she's working on...


The Lost Files...

One of the things I do at the beginning of the year, is a lot of organization. During this time I have been finding some of my photo shoots that I haven't put online. I've decided to show you some.

Last May I photographed the Woodland Hills Holiday Inn. I was hired through a website designer who is redesigning their website. It was a long but great day. The staff was very accommodating and fun. The website designers were great to work with and had great ideas.

Click Here for the Virtual Tour
and here are some of the photos...


Other Types of Photography

I had the opportunity recently to photograph something other than Real Estate Photography or Virtual Tours. A friend of mine has recently gone into business for herself selling her own jewelry. I really love the jewelry and when she asked if I would photograph her jewelry line, I jumped at the chance.

I thought it would be really fun to try something different. I haven't been in the studio since school and have always enjoyed it. Well, I had a blast! Jewelry photography is definitely a different animal than real estate. It was a learning experience for sure. However, I'll do it again. It was a nice break from the norm and she's already told me that she has more to photograph. I'm up for it!

Take a look at the Magnolia Collection

If you are interested in any of the jewelry you see contact
Tricia Meyer


Property Rentals

I started out in this industry photographing apartments and rentals. I feel like that aspect of photography is something I know and really enjoy....I know there really isn't much difference. My real goal when I photograph a rental or a house for sale is to show the room size and the extras that make it special.

Pamela Rich from Condos LA gave me a call to photograph her house. I have been to her home before and just love it. It's a very young, fun house. Modern and just the right amount of space. They decided to rent out this home and move to the coast...I'm very envious!

Take a look...


Glendale Ranch House

Friday I photographed a house for my client Lior Kane with American Realty Centre. It's a beautiful little house in the Glendale hills. 2 Bedroom, 2 bathroom with beautiful built-ins and great details around. It really was a cozy home. Take a look at the virtual tour here...