New Employee!

A great friend of mine from school started working with me in the last few weeks. Tracy Melchiori is one of my old roomates Brooks Institute of Photography and we have stayed great friends. A few weeks ago I had a big project for KB Homes and conned her into helping me shoot. Turned out she really loved it! So she has decided to finally take me up on my offer to work with me. She'll be working partially as a Marketing Manager and Photographer. So far we have been bouncing a lot of ideas off each other and it's all working out really nice! I'm pretty excited! This is a great job for her to work part time and work on her Fine Art Photography! The last few years she's supported so many other photographers and not worked on her on work. So I want to be able to help her in return and push her to work on her art! I'll try to get her to show some of her work on the blog!

Great Condo For Sale!

It's been a few weeks! I've been busy and I think it's time to update the blog! Last Friday I got an email from Jim Parrish wanting a quote for his condo that he is selling and at the bottom was a PS saying how great my blog was. I love to hear that! He said it made MediaCarrot seem more human. I had no idea that my little blog would really catch attention, but I'm sure glad it does.

So Saturday morning I went to his beautiful huge condo and took some virtual tours and photos. Jim and his wife Sara (spelled just like my mother's name...that either means she's a great lady and probably a little wild!) were just really really nice people! It was such a relaxed and nice shoot. It was a great nice Saturday morning! So, take a look at the Virtual tour here!


San Diego

We were in San Diego a little while ago and I thought I'd put up some of the photos that I took. There are a few I think are pretty fun. We had gone to ComiCon (I'm not sure how it's spelled) It's the huge comic convention in San Diego. My boyfriend is an Animation Board guy. He had quite a few friends at booths in the convention and just running around. It was my first time but it was pretty fun, well I go back and forth between it being nerdy and fun. But we will probably go next year. Mario will be working on putting out his own books.

While at the convention we took a lunch break with some friends. I have to say, it was the best lunch I have ever had! If you love to be abused by your wait staff and love even more to watch other patrons be abused, you have to go to Dick's Last Resort! We stayed twice as long as we needed and I laughed so hard! If you ask for a straw they throw 20 at you. If you want a refill, they bring you a pitcher all to yourself. They really love making a fool of you, but it's great! Really really fun.

Afterwards, we took off for the water front to look at the boats and see the "Star of India". We didn't see the star of India but we toured the Russian Submarine there and another pirate ship. Check out the photos I took there. The green photo is taken on the submarine threw the parascope, I think it's one of my favorite photos!


Wedding Weekend

I spent this weekend in Paso Robles, CA for our friends' wedding. They are wonderful friends that I got as a bonus when I started seeing my boyfriend. Let me tell you, I have been excited for their wedding for months! It was beautiful! As hot as it could be, but well worth it.

The ceremony and reception were held at the Still Waters Winery. The view was incredible and the grounds beautiful. It was a short wedding ceremony and a nice long reception with lots of wine. Even the caterer marinated the tri-tip in the wine from the winery. What could be better than that!

It was really a great weekend full of fun with all of our friends and all the family that comes with these friends. Yes some very crazy family... the Bride's father for one! He said he'd be coming back to CA for my wedding next summer as long as I didn't marry my boyfriend (he really did love my boyfriend!). So I guess we'll have to start planning! Here are a couple shots of the rehursal and one of the wedding. I'm not a wedding photographer but look at that view!