Bella Vista

Equity started building this gynormous apartment complex a couple of years ago in Woodland Hills. I used to drive by it on my way home and watched it progress. Somehow I knew then that I would shoot the photography and virtual tours on it. Sure enough I shot them last week.

Let me tell you I love to shoot for Equity! I've shot a few of their buildings around Southern California. They have the most fantastic models! They are staged so well and really do their job of making you want to live there. This new building has some new floorplans and they are pretty nice...I must have shot more Equity apartments than I thought if I am recognizing their floorplans!


Linda Drive in Torrance

Last Friday I drove out and shot a cute little house on Linda Dr. in Torrance. Ante Perkov filled out my order form online and I went out there 2 days later. Apparently he's been reading this little blog here, when I walked up, he said he felt like he already knew me from my website and blog. So now I know this isn't just fun but it works!

I'm still not sure what Ante does formally. Obviously an agent, I think Investor, owner of Ante's Restaurant, and apartment building owner. For some reason I think there's more on that list. Either way he is helping his friend sell her house. Check out how cute this house is and check out the virtual tour.


Another Ojai Photo Shoot!

After Shooting for Jeff Goodman a couple of weeks ago, he passed my name on to couple other Realtors. Low and behold I got a call from Vivienne Moody from Coldwell Banker Property Shoppe. I drove out last Thursday and shot two beautiful houses for her. I was ready to move into both houses.

One was atop of a hill, beautiful views but lots of walking up and down the hill for photos! There was just so many different places to photograph there; Reflection Pond, wine cellar, Great rooms, and gardens! I had such a great time shooting and the owners were so fun to talk to. Take a look at the virtual tours here.

The other was a warm family home. Smaller but so welcoming and great little outside areas to hang out. A beautiful porch area, firepit area, hamock, a huge tree to sit under. I loved all the outdoor areas to lounge around. Inside was a nice big fireplace surrounded by a huge open living area. I liked everything being open, being able to visit with the family while working in the kitchen. Take a look at the Virtual Tour!


Sulphur Mountain

A couple of weeks ago I got a call from Jeff Goodman from Goodman and Associates. Jeff hired me to shoot a beautiful house on Sulphur Mountain Rd. What I didn't expect out in the hills and farmland of Ojai was this beautiful Tudor style home. Add to that 19 acres of beautiful hills and trees and an amazing view of Ojai Valley and you have an incredible property! Take a look at the virtual tour here.

When I was in school I would drive out to Ojai from Santa Barbara and shoot any of my photo assignments that I could out there. So it was really a treat to get out of Los Angles and take the drive up to Ojai.

And now I owe Jeff a huge THANK YOU! He has passed my name along and now I have two photo shoots in Ojai tomorrow afternoon. It should be a beautiful day out there!


Little School of Music

A friend came to me a couple of weeks ago, asking if he could surprise his girlfriend with a virtual tour of her music academy "Little School of Music". Mindy would be going out of town the next week and she left him a copy of the keys. I thought this was one of the funnest ideas!

One evening when everyone was gone, we snuck in and shot. It's a beautiful little school in Santa Clarita. Teaching music to children from toddlers on up to 10 years old. As you can see in the virtual tour, it's a really fun place that any child would want to learn in! Chris wanted to make sure we got the right feel of the school. We must have done well because all I've heard from him is how we got the exact feel and how much everyone loves it! So take a look and let me know what you think!


My First Blog!

Beginner here! Blogs seem to be an effective business tool for many companies, so I thought it's time to give 'er a try. It's also a chance to show the other types of photography that I shoot. I'm actually looking forward to this quite a bit. I want to show my personal photography, and also the beautiful houses and businesses that I get to take photos of(you might even get a glimpse of my family and friends).

I also plan on creating virtual tours of Los Angeles. Once I get this project started I will put the link up for anyone to use. This will be an ongoing project for me. I want everyone to feel free to use it. This can be something that realtors send to new clients planning on moving to the area, for use on websites, and to also use as a virtual tour sample. I'm sure we'll think up many more uses. It should be an interesting project to help me come up with new ways to photograph and new places to see. Stay tuned!