My First Blog!

Beginner here! Blogs seem to be an effective business tool for many companies, so I thought it's time to give 'er a try. It's also a chance to show the other types of photography that I shoot. I'm actually looking forward to this quite a bit. I want to show my personal photography, and also the beautiful houses and businesses that I get to take photos of(you might even get a glimpse of my family and friends).

I also plan on creating virtual tours of Los Angeles. Once I get this project started I will put the link up for anyone to use. This will be an ongoing project for me. I want everyone to feel free to use it. This can be something that realtors send to new clients planning on moving to the area, for use on websites, and to also use as a virtual tour sample. I'm sure we'll think up many more uses. It should be an interesting project to help me come up with new ways to photograph and new places to see. Stay tuned!

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Sara-anne said...

I think this is wonderful and I know that you will become famous.
and maybe rich.