All About Virtual Tours!

Besides the fact that I absolutely love my job, I can really be thankful for the friends that I have made while being a virtual tour photographer. One of the first people I met was Dawn Schaffer, Owner of All About Virtual Tours in South Western Washington. She's a wonderful person to talk with. We seem to end up on the phone longer than we ever intend to bouncing tons of ideas back and forth. Not only has she been a great friend and supporter, but she's a fantastic photographer! If you are located in Southern Washington and need virtual tours or photography give her a call. She's a wealth of information and has lots of ideas! Thank you Dawn!


Dawn Shaffer said...

*toast* here is to you!
Dawn Shaffer

Circle Shot Media said...

My name is Peter Smith from Circle Shot Media in Vancouver, Wa. Dawn has been a wonderful resource to us. We began our Virtual Tour business in October 2008, and gave Dawn a call to get some insight from an existing VT photographer. She spent a ton of time working with us, even allowed us to work with some of her regular customers to get our feet wet.
Thank you Dawn for everything you have done for Circle Shot Media. People like her should be recognized as "Truly Good People", for that is what she has been to us.
Dawn and Peter Smith
Circle Shot Media