Los Feliz

I got a call earlier this week to photograph a condo for a Realtor that I had worked for a month back. Pamela Rich's marketing manager, Vince, gave me a call to photograph a great condo in Los Feliz. First I have to say, I think it's brilliant of her to have hired someone to do her marketing and creative. I know, we can't all hire someone to work all our marketing for us, but it is really top notch and just great looking! Take a look at their website CondosLA.com.

Now I tend to like the manicured look of Los Feliz Blvd. but this was a great apartment. Nice space, hardwood floors, and lots of light! I liked it and was told I should purchase it. I would love to, but it's up to all of you realtors out there to hire me...lots and lots of work! Anyway, this is a one bedroom, one bathroom, with a nice nook area that would make us a nice office. Take a look at some of the photos...

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