Another Pamela Rich Condo

I was called again to photograph some real estate photos for Pamela Rich at CondosLA.com. This time is was for a unique condo on Curson Ave. The architect who designed the condo was currently living there but he and his wife had decided to move. Let me tell you, I love photographing for architects, designers, and stagers! They all think about the lighting as a part of the design. There is extra detail put in the lighting lighting. You'd think as a photographer and knowing how lighting can change space, that I'd have an incredibly lit apartment. Me, I think about utility. The great lighting in my office and living room was all designed out by my handy and thoughtful boyfriend. Anyway, this condo was great to photograph. Lots of angles and odd shaped rooms. It was a little challenging and I definitely felt a little more pressure on me. The architect also being an artist, I wanted to make sure he was happy with my representation of his design. However, don't worry, I try my hardest to do my best with any and every building and home I photograph! Well, take a look at the photos!

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