Missing In Action

In has you haven't noticed the last few blogs have been far and few between. I apologize, I have been very busy. The last two months I have been planning my wedding and of course the minute we set our date to get married, business went through the roof. So the last two months have been wonderful, stressful at times, and busier than I could have imagined. Last weekend was our wedding, now I'm back, you have my full attention, and I have lots of houses, condos, vacation homes and buildings that need to be added to my blog.

So my second task here is to let all of you know my new last name. You will now be receiving emails from Laura D'Anna. Don't be afraid it's still me.

If you read the last blog, you know that I was called Mrs. Carrot at a restaurant a few weeks back. A great friend of ours was the officiant of our wedding. Knowing the Mrs. Carrot story, he introduced us as "Mr and Mrs Media Carrot...I mean Mr and Mrs Mario D'Anna". Luckily it fit with the rest of the ceremony! It was a great day!

PS Here are some photos from our wedding last weekend. I was luck enough to have one of my good friends photograph my wedding. It pays to have photographer friends! I personally think she's one of the best photographers in Santa Barbara! Katie Moos Photography Check out her site and blog. She really is an amazing photographer...

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