Sulphur Mountain

A couple of weeks ago I got a call from Jeff Goodman from Goodman and Associates. Jeff hired me to shoot a beautiful house on Sulphur Mountain Rd. What I didn't expect out in the hills and farmland of Ojai was this beautiful Tudor style home. Add to that 19 acres of beautiful hills and trees and an amazing view of Ojai Valley and you have an incredible property! Take a look at the virtual tour here.

When I was in school I would drive out to Ojai from Santa Barbara and shoot any of my photo assignments that I could out there. So it was really a treat to get out of Los Angles and take the drive up to Ojai.

And now I owe Jeff a huge THANK YOU! He has passed my name along and now I have two photo shoots in Ojai tomorrow afternoon. It should be a beautiful day out there!

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