New Employee!

A great friend of mine from school started working with me in the last few weeks. Tracy Melchiori is one of my old roomates Brooks Institute of Photography and we have stayed great friends. A few weeks ago I had a big project for KB Homes and conned her into helping me shoot. Turned out she really loved it! So she has decided to finally take me up on my offer to work with me. She'll be working partially as a Marketing Manager and Photographer. So far we have been bouncing a lot of ideas off each other and it's all working out really nice! I'm pretty excited! This is a great job for her to work part time and work on her Fine Art Photography! The last few years she's supported so many other photographers and not worked on her on work. So I want to be able to help her in return and push her to work on her art! I'll try to get her to show some of her work on the blog!

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