Wedding Weekend

I spent this weekend in Paso Robles, CA for our friends' wedding. They are wonderful friends that I got as a bonus when I started seeing my boyfriend. Let me tell you, I have been excited for their wedding for months! It was beautiful! As hot as it could be, but well worth it.

The ceremony and reception were held at the Still Waters Winery. The view was incredible and the grounds beautiful. It was a short wedding ceremony and a nice long reception with lots of wine. Even the caterer marinated the tri-tip in the wine from the winery. What could be better than that!

It was really a great weekend full of fun with all of our friends and all the family that comes with these friends. Yes some very crazy family... the Bride's father for one! He said he'd be coming back to CA for my wedding next summer as long as I didn't marry my boyfriend (he really did love my boyfriend!). So I guess we'll have to start planning! Here are a couple shots of the rehursal and one of the wedding. I'm not a wedding photographer but look at that view!

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