San Diego

We were in San Diego a little while ago and I thought I'd put up some of the photos that I took. There are a few I think are pretty fun. We had gone to ComiCon (I'm not sure how it's spelled) It's the huge comic convention in San Diego. My boyfriend is an Animation Board guy. He had quite a few friends at booths in the convention and just running around. It was my first time but it was pretty fun, well I go back and forth between it being nerdy and fun. But we will probably go next year. Mario will be working on putting out his own books.

While at the convention we took a lunch break with some friends. I have to say, it was the best lunch I have ever had! If you love to be abused by your wait staff and love even more to watch other patrons be abused, you have to go to Dick's Last Resort! We stayed twice as long as we needed and I laughed so hard! If you ask for a straw they throw 20 at you. If you want a refill, they bring you a pitcher all to yourself. They really love making a fool of you, but it's great! Really really fun.

Afterwards, we took off for the water front to look at the boats and see the "Star of India". We didn't see the star of India but we toured the Russian Submarine there and another pirate ship. Check out the photos I took there. The green photo is taken on the submarine threw the parascope, I think it's one of my favorite photos!

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