Where's the Virtual Tour?!

One thing I have heard lately is "I have a listing but, it's not worth a virtual tour". This is something I don't understand, because that is exactly the house that needs a virtual tour! Not only should those big beautiful houses get virtual tours, but those little homes need them also. Nothing makes a drab home look worse than out of focus, dark, distorted, less than good photos. Well composed, well exposed, professionally edited photos can really show the real potential that a home has and get those buyers in there!

Something I feel strongly about is that your client wants to know that you are doing the best to market their home. However, something else I think should cross realtor's minds is this...Do home buyers think that if a realtor doesn't feel a home is worth professional photos and virtual tours, maybe it's not even worth looking at?

Believe it or not, there were many times when I have heard someone looking for a new place say, "if it doesn't have a virtual tour than I don't even waste my time." Believe me this wasn't said by my friends to make me feel better as a virtual tour photographer. I have heard this from co-workers and people in general. I used to work for Realtor.com and their apartment and rental site. One thing we wondered was why take the time to post a listing or apartment online, and not take full advantage of that internet marketing and post virtual tours and photos? From what I understand purchasing a quality virtual tour is less expensive than posting a listing in a real estate magazine or in a newspaper for the length of time a house is for sale.

It seems simple to me. It's your job to market that house to the best of your ability, and it's our job as photographers to make that marketing even better! Now I know I am very enthusiastic about virtual tours, but there are so many times when I just don't understand... why you haven't ordered your virtual tours yet!

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Katie Moos said...

I need to order a virtual tour!! You are so right!!

Thanks Laura--