Fun Photo Day For Me!

I spend so much time photographing for everyone else, homes, businesses, restaurants, apartments, cabinets, etc., that I sometimes forget to take photographs for myself. Part of it can be attributed to the fact that I love love my job, I get to practice my photography all the time, so I don't think to just photograph for me. However, there is definitely a different excitement and creativeness between shooting for hobby and shooting for work.

So last Sunday, my wonderful boyfriend took me to the zoo and let me go crazy taking photos of the animals. First, I really do need to thank him for his patience at the zebra habitat...I might have been a little too excited about all their patterns and wouldn't leave for a long, long time. Long Time. He was very patient as would I think I was ready to leave and then turn around and spend another 10 minutes there.

Zoos are really a great place to practice your photography. Not only are there a great amount of animals that you aren't likely going to run into on any normal day, but there are great habitats and tons of people there to practice on. Photographing at the zoo also tends to be sentimental for me. My father used to take my sister and me to the zoo when we were young budding photographers, I visited the Santa Barbara Zoo plenty of times to fulfill assignments while I was in photography school and while traveling in Europe with my sister, we visited a few zoos to photograph. So, photographing at zoos tends to take me back to very fun, creative and even comforting times.

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