My First Celebrity Home!

For those of you CSI Miami fans...go ahead and feel jealous! Yesterday, I was lucky enough to photograph the beautiful home of one of the CSI Miami's actresses, Khandi Alexander. It was very exciting for me because I am a huge CSI fan!

What was a fixer-upper for her, is a dream house for most people. It looks like a smaller modest home from the front opens but up to a huge four story estate. The last photo in the slideshow really shows how big that house really is. It was a very beautiful house and that makes it so easy to photograph! Click here to view the slideshow.


Sister Sassy said...

Wow, how awesome! But you need to post a picture of that actress since there are like a gazillion CSI's and I don't know which one she is.

How did you get the job? Referral? Yellow Pages? Do tell :)

Neal, Melissa, Ella, Aubrey and Ainsley said...

WOW! Now I can say that my wedding was photographed by a photographer to the stars :) Just don't forget about us little people now.

p.s. The shots you take are amazing!