Practice Practice Practice

I love that we never finish learning new things. However, I think we sometimes forget that we need to practice and relearn some of the things we have already been taught. I decided today will be a quieter day for me(although my phone already seems to be ringing like crazy), so today is a practice day. It's a day to make sure I'm headed in the correct direction with my photography.

There are so many opportunities to learn new things in photography. One of the most important lessons I've learned is, the better you photograph the subject in the first place, the less work you have later. I photograph buildings, houses, businesses, etc. I could very easily use the same technique for all situations, but I would be compromising quality, not utilizing the uniqueness of each situation, and also creating more work in Photoshop. Photoshop can enhance, correct and save photographs, but it's the initial work you put out in place that is going to determine the end result.

Today I'll work on my capturing the image, reminding myself of all that information I learned in school and put that degree to good use!

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