Not as Cool as I Think I am

Last week up in Big Bear I got to photograph some beautiful cabins. It was a nice cool beautiful day after that heat wave and I was happy. I was photographing the first cabin on my list. I had shot the entire interior and was working on the exterior. My car was parked in the drive and I was trying to decide if moving my car would get me a better shot of the front. I looked up and noticed a gate where I could walk up the hill a little and take a nice shot from above. Perfect because I wasn't feeling it from where I was. So I walked around to the back of my truck and had the shock of my life! Two huge deer standing on the other side of my truck, one with huge antlers! ...then I realized they were plastic. However, it was too late, I had already let out a loud embarrassing scream.

I know they don't look so big and scary but, I swear that big guy was challenging me! And yes I realize they were facing the other direction.

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Fifty K said...

That is something I would totally do!