Carrot...Media Carrot

Last night I was at dinner with my very-soon-to-be-husband and my sister-in-law. It was a nice dinner. We sat outside, so there was some great people watching, there was great food, but the best part happened after dinner. Sister-in-law and I decided to split the bill. I paid with my business credit card. When the waiter returned with the two charge slips, he said "Thank you Ms Sister-in-law and Thank you Ms Carrot!" Yes he called me Ms Carrot. My card says my MediaCarrot and right below it is my full name. He must have thought my parents were hippies...I love it!


Neal, Melissa, Ella, Aubrey and Ainsley said...

You could always convince Mario that you should become Mr. and Mrs. Carrot on Sunday ;)

Fifty K said...

That's funny!!!