I'm Back

Alright I've been back for two months but I sure haven't updated my blog. I've kept nice and busy...I love it.

One of my clients is Randy Rohrer from Pacific West Commercial and Industrial, has used my photography for a few commercial properties and a residential property. On this latest shoot, we were talking about the compliments he's gotten on the virtual tours of his commercial properties. He's really happy the virtual tours and has even had someone tell him that he should get virtual tours on all of his properties...I completely agree Randy! As I was working on the virtual tour I couldn't help but notice how well commercial properties and warehouses show with the virtual tours. I just feel that the virtual tours really show the spaces well. Take a look at this commercial property on Naomi St. in Burbank

Take a 360 Virtual Tour

Click here to take a look at another one of Randy's properties on West Palm

I think the virtual tour looks very slick. If you're interested in having your commercial property photographed...let me know!

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Sister Sassy said...

I don't update my blog very much anymore either...I'm all blogged out...